Thursday, February 7, 2008

Figuier de Barbarie

This Ikebana was inspired by the Figuier de Barbarie, a cactus which grows on the steep, rocky slopes that surround our village in the south of France.

Originally from Mexico, where they use it to make tequila, the Figuier de Barbarie grows well in the arid climates here, in Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and north Africa. It's prickly to work with but I love its wonderful, comical shapes. It has a yellowish- red fruit which is a local delicacy.


Buzz said...

Excellent! Living here in Southern California this could be a very marketable item.
Many of the Cacti around here are hostile plants as compared to some of the less hostile exotics.

Baiko & JW said...

i am glad you like it...if you think it is marketable, tell your friends they can buy a print of my Ikebana Art at * Baiko * fine art prints at

Thanks and best regards,