Thursday, February 21, 2008

EmptyEasel Featured Artist

I am very thrilled to announce that Dan at EmptyEasel has chosen me as this week’s featured artist. He wrote a very perceptive review of my work which he entitled Baiko's Ikebana Art. What pleases me most is that Dan didn’t know a thing about Ikebana prior to seeing my work. He is a very knowledgeable art critic and that is exactly how he approached my work. He looked without any pre-conceptions. He has made some very insightful remarks which I hope will help the art buying public appreciate the Art of Ikebana. This is my homage to the late Sofu Teshigahara, the founder of the Sogetsu School and modern Ikebana.


Tracy Wandling said...

I just read your review on Empty Easel, and had to come here and tell you what beautiful work you do. It's beyond beautiful...the epitome of a thousand words...they speak for themselves.
I am a watercolor artist, and am inspired to try some of these arrangements for myself to paint...though I know I will not come close to the beauty you create. Thanks for the inspiration. Do you mind of I put a link to your blog on mine? I would like to share this.

Baiko & JW said...

I am very pleased to hear that Baiko's work is a source of inspiration to you. However, I would like to remind you that all Baiko's creations/images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any way whatsoever for commercial purposes without her permission.

Please feel free to add our site to your list of links.

Best regards,


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I just discovered myself and love the site! Dan is helpful and humble and it will be a pleasure, I'm sure, to read the article about your work when I pop in there next.



Tracy Wandling said...

Oh I would never use one of your arrangements to paint from...I have a great respect for your creativity, and wouldn't dream of infringing on it! I'll just bask in the serenity every now and then...

Baiko & JW said...


We were not sure and we thank you for making it clear. all the best, jw & baiko

Anonymous said...

Excellent Ikebana art, thank you!