Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back to Work

Last May, we stopped working to go to the US to help JW's 95 year old Dad recover from a stroke. After 3 months, we returned to our home in France to find a garden overrun with grass and weeds and a house reminiscent of Ms. Haversham's. A month later, we've finally found the calm needed to return to our Ikebana Art Blog. Here are a few of Baiko's new creations.

Grape vines and wild flowers in ceramic vase.

Lotus leaves set in pine section.

Gerberas and bear grass in glass vase.

Abandoned tractor part, gerberas and willow branches.

Welder's mask, gerberas and grass.


Kim said...

thanks for calling by at laketrees..
I have added your info and bio here here
cheers Kim

nordic lotus said...

Welcome back Baiko - I've missed you. I love your vine arrangement, strong lines and good balanse.

Baiko & JW said...

Thanks Nordic Lotus. Good to meet a fellow Ikebana artist. You've created some real gems.

Best regards,