Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Iris is an Iris is an Iris?

The iris is one of my favorite flowers to work with. I love its sensuous blossoms and pointed buds. Walking through my garden, the white and purple masses of the early-blooming variety of beard irises are a feast for the eyes. But have you ever inhaled their exotic scent? Hmmm!
I never noticed it until I started to work with them.


Tracy Wandling said...

You have flowers blooming?!? I still have snow in the shady parts of the yard...oh well...the dandelions will be up soon.
This is just beautiful. I am so intrigued with this art form. Elegant and inspiring...can't wait for my irises to bloom!

Baiko & JW said...

thanks tracy. it sounds so cold where you are. when your irises bloom, let me know if you smell their exotic perfume.

all the best,