Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Thousand Thanks

We appreciate the many positive comments about Baiko's creations from our fellow artists.

shanghaiwu commented on Ikebana-017:
brilliant baiko, viewing your work has brought morning calm/thankyou

elenamaza says this about Ikebana-017:
This amazing image of ikebana brings to my mind the silhouette of a beautiful geisha opening her kimono, as well as a butterfly unfolding its wings--amazing and lovely!

caroline caux commented on Ikebana-066
I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty of these compositions!
what you do is extremely beautiful, and the meaning behind your work too!

antje-b says this about Ikebana-036:
This is absolutely gorgeous. The delicate nature of the subject is emphasized by beautifully colouring.

Junko Azukawa commented on Ikebana-000
I love your works! beautiful composition…

Stephensfineart says this about Ikebana-000:
What a great sense of space and simplicity this artist has in the images.

GrayeaglePhotography says this about Ikebana-000:
I like what you have done here. It is simple but holds the eye so as to please the heart. Pat

robertamaria says this about Ikebana-000:
Ikebana-000 does it for me. And then some. rma

kbacklundart says this about Ikebana-037:
Great work. I love your gallery. Kevin

eyecontact says this about Ikebana-024:
Love your grasp of positive and negative space. Nice subjects, too.

ve1mos says this about Ikebana-024:
What a perfect arrangement of form and colour!

CorrineBongiovanni says this about Ikebana-061:
I am so impressed with the delicacy of your work!

awoni commented on Ikebana-061:
This is great! I love it! Very fresh, first time I see Ikebanas on Bubble, awesome!

AJCVISIONS says this about Ikebana-025:

ursbugg says this about Ikebana-012:
I love them all but I think this one may be my favorite.

coffeetea commented on Ikebana-012:
awesome one. it swirls the universe.

suzeez says this about Ikebana-012:
Very nice. I love the colors.

NIMEX says this about Ikebana-048:
All of Your arrangement are just flat out cool!;)

AJCVISIONS says this about Ikebana-048:

1stAngel says this about Ikebana-007:
I adore this, along with all the works here.. So beautiful!

AJCVISIONS says this about Ikebana-019:
Great concept...Photo is a perfect 10

ScottKuehn says this about Ikebana-026:
I like the clean, minimal design of your images. Less is more!

Caprice says this about Ikebana-009:
Gorgeous. So fresh....Your images and the arrangements are so amazing. Delicate, serene, with so many themes. I am amazed by you!

Betty Mackey commented on Ikebana-042:
This is a deeply beautiful Ikebana floral arrangement and photograph.

corndontgrow1966 says this about Ikebana-011:
verry nice!!! love it

masjil2000 says this about Ikebana-011:
Nice gallery. I amaze the flower and love it.

BlueSwan says this about Ikebana-006:
Lovely. I love the fact that you used the clear Aalto vase here. Perfect!

CarolineAlphaShots says this about Ikebana-054:
most beautifull

Some General Comments received via Email:

Vincent-Field Photography ...
Your work is absolutely breathtaking.

Ellen Y. Lau
Hello Baiko,
Love, love your work. Very refreshing, new and soothing....

Carl Jacobson
Wow, absolutely sublime work. I'm stunned.

Marilyn E Robertson
Very serene and beautiful work. Ikebana is not easy, I know. I admire your abilities.

Matt Hess
Wow your arrangments are more like sculptures. I love the look....Matt Hess

Donald Taylor
Beautiful and powerful work!

Chris Bolmeier
Simply beautiful images.
Chris Bolmeier

Your work is just beautiful - absolutely breathtaking!

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